Sunday, 28 February 2016

My Preparation

Preparing for Group Exams with my friend 

                              Its a great help for your preparation if a friend is with you, it speed up your preparation and i think it'll not drive you boring, it is very progressive like no need for one person to struggle in digging all current affairs and read entire news paper also subject understanding each other, also assist one in understanding the concepts in most of the times. 

IAS Self preparation

IAS : My Self  Preparation

It is not what i imagined at first when started preparation but now i realise that without guidance and under some scrutiny its like impossible for me 

  1. News paper reading it took nearly 6 hrs a day
  2. then subjects like history, polity, geography etc. god these are definitely not my type that is why i took engineering 
  3. even reading or staying on what i am doing is like impossible 
  4. but though some help for online is really some relief thing 
Lessons learned :
  1. now i can read NEWS paper in 3 hours 
  2. listen to 2 classes a day and little current affairs digging etc
yeah now its little relaxing :)